Town and Parish Councillors

BEVERLEY TOWN COUNCIL was established in 1999; it aims to ‘act as the grassroots tier of local government, nearest to the residents it serves.’ The parish itself is split into four wards: Minster North, Minster South, St. Mary’s East and St. Mary’s West. We currently have FOUR Labour Town Councillors in Beverley – if you wish to contact them, please send them an email at: . The Beverley Town Council has elections every four years with the next one in May 2019.


We have no East Riding councillors. The next East Riding Council Election is in May 2019 The candidates in our two target wards are:

Minster and Woodmansey Ward  – George McManus, Clare Wildey, and Ann Willis            South West Holderness Ward – Neil Black, Steve Gallant and Theresa Moore

Our current Beverley Town Councillors are:


Councillor Peter Astell


I was previously on the Beverley Town Council from 2003 to 2007 and 2011 to 2015.  I was re-elected to the Beverley Town Council in 2015 for Minster North. I used to be an owner of a bicycle shop on Samman Road. I am committed to representing all the residents of Minster North, as well as the town in general. Beverley is a great place to live and I take a keen interest in local organisations that renovate and restore local connections.

Councillor Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper - Minster North

I have spent most of my life living in Beverley and went to Swinemoor Primary School and Longcroft Secondary School.  I am currently studying at the University of Hull.  I was elected to the Beverley Town Council in May 2015.

Living in Minster North I understand many of the problems residents have, and will work with my fellow Beverley Town Councillors, and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, to find solutions. 


Councillor Paul McGrath


Born in Middlesbrough and moving to area five years ago, I have made a good home with my wife Maureen. Working for the same company for 33 years has given me the chance to gain a broad range of skills related with every aspect of running a successful commercial enterprise. I, further, have experience as an active trade unionist. I believe that working people have the right to be represented effectively in the workplace and in the community.

Councillor Ann Willis    Deputy Mayor

Ann Willis - Minster South


I have lived in Beverley for 20 years and in Yorkshire all my life. (I don’t speak the language elsewhere!)

I was a clergy wife for 51 years so I am used to mixing with all sorts of people. My Christianity is central to my life. As part of this I believe we should be willing to serve our local community. I attend St Nicholas midweek and am Churchwarden and Parish Assistant at St John’s Bransholme on Sundays.

My family are important too – I have 4 daughters, a son who has Downs Syndrome and 6 grandsons – therefore I realise how necessary it is that we have good facilities for our young people of whatever ability.

Although I have only been a member of the Labour party fairly recently  I have always been left-wing and a pacifist.

I work, as a volunteer, for Cruse Bereavement Care in the Bridlington area, seeing clients, supervising volunteers and training. I am a member of BAP (Beverley Against Poverty) and occasionally help out at the Community Kitchen. I also read for the listening newspaper.

I went to Hull University as a mature student, (on a full grant) and so I have a degree in psychology, which I taught for a number of years, and then I gained a Diploma in Counselling and worked for my last 13 years in work for the NHS in a GP surgery. As a lecturer I have experience in putting ideas across and discussing different points of view.

As a counsellor in the NHS I dealt with a mixture of people and learned to stay calm in any situation. I worked with individuals and couples so learned to manage conflict between individuals. I have good listening and communication skills.

As an ex student nurse I still have an interest in matters medical, including the Community Hospital. I am interested in history, especially the local area and of course, people!

ST MARY’S EAST – No Labour councillors

ST MARY’S WEST – No Labour councillors


Councillor Jackie Heffer


Jackie has been a member of Molescroft Parish Council since 2014. She had previously stood twice for Beverley Town Council, missing out by only a handful of votes each time.

She has, with another councillor, launched a weekly activity group based at the Pavilion for those people who need to extend their friendship circle. Jackie identifies a need and solves to meet it. She did the same when she helped establish a stroke club in Beverley.

Jackie was also one of the first in Yorkshire to become a founding member lead  for NextDoor, an Internet-based neighbourhood scheme by which members can be informed of local events and messages can be quickly passed if a need arises.

She regularly attends branch meetings in Beverley and has served as Beverley Branch Treasurer.


Cllr Neil Black


Neil is a Hedon Town Councillor of 34yrs (Mayor in 2015-2017) and is seeking to represent South West Holderness Ward on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

I have lived in Hedon for 41yrs where I am proprietor of a shop. My family and I have committed our time and energy to the community during this period.

I have been Chairman of both Hedon Town Councils Planning and Property Committees on a number of occasions. A founder member of the Hedon Preservation Society. Past Chairman of The Painters Charity. A director (unpaid) of the P.L.P. High Street. Ltd. Hull. Treasurer of The Amy Black Community Centre

At the 2015 County Election, I came a creditable fourth, losing by only 178 votes to the Tories. As a Socialist. I believe, when amenities (Schools, Universities, Healthcare, Transport, Libraries, Museums, etc.) are free at the point of use, the happier and more content and the more prosperous society will become.

When time allows I like working on our allotment and garden, reading and playing Bridge.

Cllr Steve Gallant


Steve is a Hedon Town Councillor ( Mayor in 2017-18) and seeking to represent South West Holderness Ward on the East Riding Council.

Now retired, Steve spent 30 years at the top of the music, video and later TV business, having been a Director of Universal Music, HMV and  ITV Studios.

He returned to Hedon in 2012, where, as well as a Town Councillor, he is a member of Hull Truck Theatre Board, a South Holderness TC Governor and Chair of Beverley & Holderness Labour Party.

Steve’s interests are music, theatre and movies, but also history and politics. He has a special interest in education and housing policy.

Cllr Brian Stockdale


Roos Parish Council

Martin Devanney

One thought on “Town and Parish Councillors

  1. All of the Labour Councillors on the Beverley Town Council are members of the Planning, Property and Services Committee. Attendance of these meetings can be determined by looking at the minutes which are on the Beverley Town Council website. It is important to note, however, that Beverley Town Council is only a consultee in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s decision making process but can suggest approval or rejection of applications that fall with the parishes represented on Beverley Town Council.

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