Beverley and Holderness Constituency

The parliamentary constituency of Beverley and Holderness is part of the East Riding of Yorkshire. The boundaries of the constituency were set in 1997, and altered slightly in 2010. The old Beverley seat, has historically sent MPs to Parliament since 1563 and is now part of Beverley and Holderness. It is currently represented by the Tory MP Graham Stuart.

This constituency is one of the largest in England, at over 80,000 residents. The geographical area it covers goes from Spurn Point in the south and the seaside town of Withernsea, up to Hornsea, across to Beverley and then down to the borders of Hull. The constituency is largely agricultural in nature with many small very attractive villages. The entire area is noted for its natural, and diverse, beauty.

The major towns in Beverley and Holderness are Beverley, Hornsea, Withernsea and Hedon. Apart from the many small villages, there are other larger communities in Beverley and Holderness including Aldbrough, Bilton, Burstwick, Patrington, Easington, Wawne and Walkington.

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The Beverley Branch Labour Party meets at 7pm on the first Tuesday of every month usually in Armstrong’s Social Club, Grovehill Rd, BEVERLEY HU17 0ED

The Holderness Branch Labour Party meets at 7pm on the second Tuesday in every month at The Old Vicarage,  Ivy Lane, HEDON HU12 8BL

The constituency was formed in 1996 with the first General Election in 1997 at the high point of Labour success. Our candidate Norman O’Neill came within 1,300 votes of beating the then MP James Cran. In 2001 our results were even better with Pippa Langford only 780 votes behind him.

But as Labour became more unpopular in the country, particularly after the Iraq War our vote went steadily down: George McManus was 2,500 votes behind in 2005, Ian Saunders over 11,000 behind in 2010 and Margaret Pinder in 2015 over 13,000 behind.

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2 thoughts on “Beverley and Holderness Constituency

  1. Who is the current labour councillor for Minster and Woodmansey ward? I just moved to the area and can only find details on 3 conservative councillors, with further reference to Laurie Cross from 2011.

    1. Hi gawbul,

      You have probably found the Conservative county councillors – unfortunately Labour have no East Riding councillors in Beverley at the moment, although we do control the town council, which is separate. Please feel free to contact the town councillors on the email address provided on the ‘Our Town Councillors’ page.

      I hope that helps!

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