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A GOVERNMENT OF MILLIONAIRES JUST MADE THE POOR POORER – and laughed as they did it” (Owen Jones, The Independent Thursday 10th January)

An unemployed single person gets £71 a week – this is the amount the Government says is needed to live on. Though how anyone can manage on this pitiful amount I find it difficult to understand. To keep to this standard it has always been increased in line with the cost of living.

This year the Coalition has decided to to abandon this promise and only increase the £71 by 71p (1%) instead of the £2.13 (3%) that should have been awarded so total weekly income will be £71.71 instead of the £73.13 it should have been. That is a few loaves of bread that the unemployed will not be buying.

So all those people recently made unemployed by Comet or soon to be Jessops or the people made redundant by Hull City Council last year or the youth workers soon to be made redundant by the East Riding are in for a shock. These people most of whom have paid tax and national insurance for years will not only receive less than the government thinks people need to survive, but also have to suffer constant bullying by the government, the media and many of their neighbours as they are labelled scroungers and other derogatory terms.

We used to have compassion for those less fortunate than we. Have we become so cruel a nation that we cannot feel a sympathy “that there but for the grace of god go I”?

Shame on us all.