People of Beverley Vote on Fracking

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Shoppers and visitors to Beverley were forming queues to cast their votes in an impromptu street ballot on the controversial subject of Fracking where hydraulic fracturing is used to produce shale gas.

A consultation even was held where people were asked to vote in secret on whether they were for or against fracking, or if they did not know. The ballot was open for 2 hours with 475 votes being cast. The results were:

For – 99 or 20.8%
Against – 344 or 72.4%
Don’t Know – 32 or 6.7%

Speaking today Beverley Labour Party Spokesman George McManus said, ‘This is most overwhelming evidence we’ve seen of public opposition to fracking. The vote was non-verifiable and not scientific but if this represents the public view then politicians need to take note. People had heard we were conducting the exercise and queuing up before we even got started.’

He went on, ‘It was great that Karl Turner MP (for Kingston Upon Hull East) joined use to hear, first hand, what the people of Beverley had to say. People’s willingness to engage was staggering. We ran out of ballot papers by 11am and needed an emergency print run had we spent the whole day in Beverley, I’ve no doubt 1000 people would have voted.’

Last week’s street stall


In my opinion it was a Saturday morning well spent – doing our ‘second Saturday’ thing outside Wilco’s. It was slow to start, probably because of the cold. Nevertheless there was much interest in what we and our posters had to say.


Footfall increased suddenly at 11:00.  The usual hostility was noticeably less that at other recent events and people were almost queuing to get their name on our petition sheets. Two of those individuals admitted to being Tory voters!!


Successful Street Stall



Thanks to everyone who came and made our street stall the success it was!  Hundreds signed the Living Wage petition, please comment to have your name added.  Our poll closed with 13 votes all in favour of the Living Wage.

At our stall we also heard the public’s views on George Osbourne’s Autumn Statement, which many were very angry about (and quite rightly so).

Street Stall Saturday 8th December

Do you support the principle of a Living Wage?

This is the question Beverley Labour Party will be asking Christmas shoppers at our next street stall on Saturday 8th December.  We believe that individuals and the wider society would benefit is nobody had to work for less than £7.45 an hour.  Both York and Selby councils have adopted this principle but the East Riding Council hasn’t.

Tell us what you think between 10am and 12 noon outside Wilkinsons, Toll Gavel, on the 8th December.  We look forward to seeing you there!