Deputy Police Commissioner appointed against advice

Deputy Police Commissioner appointed against advice

Matthew Grove has now appointed Councillor Robinson as his deputy against Police and Crime Panel advice.  The panel had ‘only a 12 page report and a 30 minute questioning session with Coun Robinson upon which to base their recommendation.’

Not only this, but as we have mentioned before Councillor Robinson will be continuing his duties on the East Riding Council at the same time.  It is hard to believe he will fulfil either job to the best of his abilities with two hugely responsible roles to cope with.

Controversy over the PCC Deputy

A row has broken out over news surrounding the proposed new
Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside, Councillor
Paul Robinson..
It has been reported that Councillor Robinson will not stand down from
his Council position in Howdenshire when he takes on his new role.
Speaking today, George McManus, Labour’s Parliamentary Spokesman
for Beverley and Holderness said, ‘Councillor Robinson should stand down now.
To take on a full time role whilst carrying on his Council duties at East Riding
Council isn’t credible.   People will ask if he is truly committed to the new
job or is just in it for the money.’
He went on, ‘If this new role carries a salary of £55,000 and he continues to take
his council allowances, he will be better paid than our local MPs.   This would be
a scandal.  People would be right to question his commitment.   He should stand
down now as an East Riding councillor.’