Harry’s Story

When Harry Truscott from Beverley decided to follow a career as a health care professional, he believed he was pursuing a path with real prospects.

He applied to study at the University of Leeds and is currently halfway through his course.  What he didn’t bank on was the government making changes to his bursary which would mean him graduating in 2018 with a mountain of debt.

In 2015 he voted Tory. On June 8th he will be voting Labour. 

He admits that personal considerations have played a part in him switching but his main fears surround the future of the NHS itself.

Speaking today he said, ‘ I’m really worried that if the Tories get back in, it will lead to the undoing of the Health Service. I speak to health professionals every day and hear first hand evidence of how it’s being starved of funds. My personal circumstances have brought it home to me.’

He went on, ‘I’m switching my vote to Labour because I believe it’s our only chance of ensuring that the future of our National Health Service is guaranteed.  I’ll admit if I was to apply now for my degree under current Tory rules, I would be looking at a different career. That’s why I and many of my colleagues will be voting Labour on June 8th.’