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Care for the elderly in the East Riding has been rocked by recent announcements of a number of private care home closures. We call upon the Council to enter into immediate discussions with all relevant stakeholders in an effort to secure future provision and retain homes currently in operation.

Online Petition: Time for East Riding Council to take over failing care homes

A New Vision for the East Riding

With less than a week to go until St Mary’s goes to the polls to elect a representative at the national, county and town level of government, the East Riding Labour Party candidates continue to talk with local residents about their new vision for East Riding Council.

Paul McGrath was critical of the Conservative’s record: “For the past four years all 6 Councillors representing Beverley have been Conservative and Beverley cannot afford another four more years. The Conservative dominated Council for the entire term has been defined by divisions, defections and discord. That is what they offer for the next term in office.”

Only Labour Party candidates are providing a new vision and a real alternative to the Conservatives in Beverley. Labour’s manifesto contains a number of concrete policies that would make a difference to everybody across the East Riding of Yorkshire. Important actions for Beverley include opposing any developers attempt to build executive homes on our green belt, campaigning against fracking and protecting vital community services from reckless cuts.

David Sweet is proud of the Labour Party’s commitment to the living wage: “East Riding Council should not allow any of their employee’s to earn a wage that they cannot live on. It is right and fair that the East Riding Council should pay every employee at least the living wage. The Labour Party had been campaigning on this issue for a long time and I am pleased that it is part of our offer to the voters.”

The issue of housing has formed a large part of the campaign for Ben, Paul and David reflecting the anger and concern over the unwillingness of the Conservative Councillors to listen to the electorate. The St Mary’s candidates are steadfast in their opposition to any further building of executive homes on our green belt. They will also oppose any attempt to use the welcome funds to rebuild Longcroft Lower School as a an excuse to put all of Longcroft School on one site and free up a land for developers.

Ben Cooper, one of the youngest candidates standing for election, said: “we need more truly affordable housing in Beverley, otherwise it will become too expensive for my generation to live here. Too many young people are unable to afford to pay the rent, never mind thinking about saving for a mortgage. It is time for the Council to support young people by building more affordable homes right across the East Riding.”

Beverley Cobbles Plan on National News

sat market

On Radio 4 earlier today and in the Daily Mail and The Times (£) is East Riding Council’s decision to remove Saturday Market’s cobbles, or setts.

I believe that East Riding Council should think again before removing the cobbles, and is out of touch with the people of the town.

In November the Beverley Labour Party issued 6000 leaflets saying the decision was a waste of money and we ran a street survey asking people what it should be spent on.  People told us that if it needed to come out of the highways budget, it should go on repairing potholes.  They also highlighted cutbacks in youth services and community centres.

Guest Blog from Kathy Kirk

As a resident of Beverley I have become enthusiastic ‘recycler’. I am now retired and I seem to spend my time sorting into Green, Blue, Brown. I don’t know about other people but I am now finding that the Green Bin – which goes to Landfill – is empty most of the time. The Brown only has food waste, garden waste (and at this time of year not to much of this) The Blue bin is the ‘main man’; it is always over flowing as it seems looking out of the window is my neighbours. The people opposite me have a small girl and she obviously got things in cardboard boxes from Santa!

Now what is this all about you ask – well The ‘Main Man’ was last collected on the 11th December while Mr Green Bin (empty) was emptied on 2nd January. As of now (10.00 9th January) Bluey has not been collected. In the time since Christmas my husband has had a trip to the tip with empty bottles and plastics where it was so busy he was told just to throw them into land fill. Did any-one see the mess at Morrisons – hundreds of bottles because the bins were full – this has now been cleared.

I think the East Riding Council really have to sort out their collection procedure for next Christmas – they have enough time to think it through!!!!

Felicity:  My house in a different part of Beverley also experienced this problem – we had 2 sacks full sitting with our blue bin when it was finally taken a few days ago.  Have any readers also had problems with this?

I have found a link on the Council website where you can go to complain about this (or anything else) if you have had problems.

Deputy Police Commissioner appointed against advice

Deputy Police Commissioner appointed against advice

Matthew Grove has now appointed Councillor Robinson as his deputy against Police and Crime Panel advice.  The panel had ‘only a 12 page report and a 30 minute questioning session with Coun Robinson upon which to base their recommendation.’

Not only this, but as we have mentioned before Councillor Robinson will be continuing his duties on the East Riding Council at the same time.  It is hard to believe he will fulfil either job to the best of his abilities with two hugely responsible roles to cope with.

Controversy over the PCC Deputy

A row has broken out over news surrounding the proposed new
Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside, Councillor
Paul Robinson..
It has been reported that Councillor Robinson will not stand down from
his Council position in Howdenshire when he takes on his new role.
Speaking today, George McManus, Labour’s Parliamentary Spokesman
for Beverley and Holderness said, ‘Councillor Robinson should stand down now.
To take on a full time role whilst carrying on his Council duties at East Riding
Council isn’t credible.   People will ask if he is truly committed to the new
job or is just in it for the money.’
He went on, ‘If this new role carries a salary of £55,000 and he continues to take
his council allowances, he will be better paid than our local MPs.   This would be
a scandal.  People would be right to question his commitment.   He should stand
down now as an East Riding councillor.’

Beverley councillors concerned over future of Grovehill

Beverley town councillors have expressed serious concerns about the decision of East Riding Council’s Cabinet to sell the Grovehill site to the highest bidder rather than considering the best use of this last piece of land available for significant development within Beverley. They passed a motion at Full Council on 19 November 2012 expressing these concerns together with a call for the land to be used either for social and affordable housing, a science park and/or light industrial unis. Labour councillors also highlighted the potential problems for traffic in the area if the proposed closure of Holmechurch Lane goes ahead.