Guest Blog from Kathy Kirk

As a resident of Beverley I have become enthusiastic ‘recycler’. I am now retired and I seem to spend my time sorting into Green, Blue, Brown. I don’t know about other people but I am now finding that the Green Bin – which goes to Landfill – is empty most of the time. The Brown only has food waste, garden waste (and at this time of year not to much of this) The Blue bin is the ‘main man’; it is always over flowing as it seems looking out of the window is my neighbours. The people opposite me have a small girl and she obviously got things in cardboard boxes from Santa!

Now what is this all about you ask – well The ‘Main Man’ was last collected on the 11th December while Mr Green Bin (empty) was emptied on 2nd January. As of now (10.00 9th January) Bluey has not been collected. In the time since Christmas my husband has had a trip to the tip with empty bottles and plastics where it was so busy he was told just to throw them into land fill. Did any-one see the mess at Morrisons – hundreds of bottles because the bins were full – this has now been cleared.

I think the East Riding Council really have to sort out their collection procedure for next Christmas – they have enough time to think it through!!!!

Felicity:  My house in a different part of Beverley also experienced this problem – we had 2 sacks full sitting with our blue bin when it was finally taken a few days ago.  Have any readers also had problems with this?

I have found a link on the Council website where you can go to complain about this (or anything else) if you have had problems.