Abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board is blocked

Labour members of the House of Lords were congratulated today when they blocked a government proposal to abolish the AWB.

Beverley and Holderness Labour Party Spokesman George McManus welcomed the news saying,

‘This is good news. Many hundreds of poorly paid workers will welcome this even though the National Farmers Union will be disappointed.’

Proposed Abolition of Agricultural Wages Board

Government condemned for attack on Agricultural Wages Board


Campaigners have reacted angrily to the proposed abolition of the body which protects the wages of low paid agricultural workers.


In a surprise move on Wednesday night, in a last minute amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill, the government announced its plans to abolish the body that sets the wages for farm workers.


Speaking today, George McManus, Parliamentary Spokesman for the Beverley and Holderness Labour Party said, ‘What a Christmas present for low paid workers.

“The government should be ashamed not only by the content of the proposal but by the manner in which it was announced. Sneaking this amendment into the Bill via the House of Lords only hours before Parliament rose for Christmas indicates the contempt in which the posh boys in this government hold ordinary farm workers.”

He went on, “Thousands of low paid workers in East Yorkshire will now live in fear of a collapse in their income. The government has admitted that this move will take millions of pounds out of the pockets of poor workers. Once again the government is robbing the poor and giving the money to the rich. We need to oppose this disgraceful move at all costs.”