Lets make Britain Great again!

Lets make Britain great for kids

We could restore the cuts to the Sure Start programme.

Lets sort out the fragmentation of the school system and defend the idea of comprehensive education.

Lets make our NHS great again.

Labour started the NHS and when in power built more new hospitals and increased funding to levels in other major economies.

Lets make Britain great for families.

Lets help employers to pay their workers more. Lets get rid of that category of the ‘working poor’, and that rule about qualifying for family allowance only if your child is a result of rape.

Lets make Britain great again for tenants.

We could take back control of rents, reducing the part of the welfare bill that goes to landlords. What’s wrong with councils using land they own to build council houses, like they used to?

Lets make our communities great again.

We need to care more, not reduce levels of support for the old and housebound, skimping on the time health visitors can spend with people who link them with the world.

Lets make Britain great for workers.

What happened to job security? Are zero hours contracts really a good idea? Why should business models be designed to exploit those who do the work, minimising their rights and reducing their benefits by classifying them as ‘self-employed’?

Lets make a start now.


Dave Sweet


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