To Bomb or not to Bomb

This Email gone out to all Members:

In advance of a probable vote in Parliament next week on UK involvement in Syria, the Constituency Party would like to communicate the views of members to local MPs before they cast their votes.

The Prime Minister has said that UK involvement in Syrian bombing raids will make the UK a safer place and we should therefore commit forces forthwith.

Jeremy Corbyn disagrees.

Do you support the Prime Minister’s position? Please vote yes or no but please also feel free to abstain and/or let us have your thoughts..

Our Youngest Town Councillor

PatrickCongratulations to  Patrick Wilkinson on becoming a Withernsea Town Councillor, winning by 130 votes to 46!

Patrick became 18 last month and stood for Withernsea North Ward. He and other members worked hard , his constant door-knocking has paid off and we know he will  work hard to help the town of Withernsea.

Hope he is working equally hard for his A Levels!!


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn tells Beverley and Holderness Labour Party members in a message recorded last week on his visit to Leeds to meet the Regional Board and Group Leaders of Yorkshire Labour Councils.

George McManus arranged for a video of this message to be played to party members at their November 7 quiz night (7pm in Hodgson’s pub in Beverley). George and Jeremy both attended a packed college meeting in Leeds arranged at the last minute which drew a crowd of over 500 students – continuing evidence of rising support for the Labour leadership amongst the young.

George Osborne’s TAX CREDIT CUTS defeated by the House of Lords

Street Stall Oct 31Growing support was shown for our Labour Party street stall held outside Wilkos Beverley last Saturday, October 31 2015.

The elderly, disabled, single working mothers, families and teenagers are now alert to the dangers of a drastic cut in their standards of living. They have filled many sheets of signed protests against any cuts to the Working Families Tax Credits.

One very worried working mother employed by the NHS confessed on Saturday in the midst of her weekly shopping, how hard it is to feed her and her grown up daughter
She said: “With any more cuts it will not pay me to go to work. Thank God you are making an effort in the Labour Party to stop this madness.”

We wait to see how George Osborne will deal with this in his Autumn Statement. Street Stall Oct 31