Hundreds Vote Against GP Charges in Beverley

A straw poll taken in Beverley on Saturday has revealed massive public opposition to proposals that charges should be introduced for patients to see their GP.

Crowds of shoppers voted in an impromptu survey conducted by Beverley Labour. Both UKIP and the Conservatives say that introducing charges to see their GP – estimated to be around £10 an appointment – will discourage people from failing to attend appointments and reduce waiting times.

George McManus, Beverley Labour Party Press Officer, said, ‘the result of our straw poll, whilst unscientific, was irrefutable. Anyone who even considers introducing charges for GPs must know they’re on a loser. People see this as a symptom of the ongoing privatisation of the NHS forcing people who can afford it into private care and abandoning those who can’t. This should be a warning to both Nigel Farage and David Cameron.’