Osbourne’s cuts will hammer our area

School and Library closures are Tip of the Iceberg


Campaigners have warned that more than 20 East Riding schools face closure following the Chancellor of Exchequer’s spending review.


They say that recent library and school closures are only a taster of what is to come following today’s announcement.


Speaking today, Beverley and Holderness Labour Party Spokesman George McManus said, ‘The cuts announced today are devastating with both East Riding and Hull City Councils facing massive spending cuts. In the East Riding my main concern is for the 20 smallest schools with less than 100 pupils.’


He added, ‘Teachers, parents and governors across the East Riding are facing cuts to budgets or closure. And there are additional pressures. The recent announcement by the East Riding that it has no responsibility to educate pupils from Hull must call into question the future of Wawne and Bilton schools. The Tories in East Riding Council need to stand up to their leaders. East Riding must resist these cuts at all costs.

Beverley’s eco warrior!

Beverley’s eco-warrior is told to get off his bike


With his milk bottle glasses, flat cap and soft Yorkshire accent, Beverley’s Ray Duggleby doesn’t look or sound like an eco-warrior but that’s what he is.


Ray fell foul of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council when he was told that he couldn’t bring garden waste to their civic amenity site by bicycle.


The Council says its record for re-cycling waste is exceptional and yet is discourages people from cycling to its civic amenity site, only allowing access to motorised vehicles which pollute the environment.


Beverley’s Ray Duggleby’s only wish was to do the right thing but when he recently decided to tidy the garden he was faced with the dilemma of how to dispose of the green waste.


The brown waste bin supplied by the council for garden waste was already full. Ray is a keen cyclist and decided to adapt his trailer in order to allow him to attach it to his bicycle. He duly cycled to the Council’s re-cyling centre

but was shocked when he was turned away. ‘You’re only allowed in if you’re towing your trailer using a car he was told.’ ‘But I like to cycle said Ray,it’s good for the environment and I don’t believe in fly tipping.’


Speaking today George McManus, the Labour Party Parliamentary Spokesman for Beverley said, ‘ Ray contacted me and asked if I could help, so I checked it out and it’s true. The Council say that for Health and Safety reasons, he’s not allowed to drop his waste at the site by bicycle. They say they’d be worried for him because of vehicle movements on site even although people walk across the

site all the time and the maximum speed of cars is in the region of 5mph.’


He went on, ‘Ray is an example to us all. He is s true eco-warrior. By cycling he’s keeping down his carbon footprint. By taking his waste to a proper site he’s

having it re-cycled. By refusing to fly tip, he’s helping to keep Beverley tidy.

The Council should be encouraging people like Ray not putting him off. In order to get to the site he cycles along roads with 40mph speed limits and yet he’s not

allowed to go to the re-cycling centre. If the site is unsuitable for people like Ray, then the Council should find somewhere else. Or they could just show some

common sense and change the rules.’


Ray is pictured with George McManus and his bike/trailer



It’s an often used phrase, wheeled out at times of crisis experienced by the Coalition. The Coalition argue that voters can’t blame them because that isn’t where the blame lies, it lies with Labour as they left the mess that needed clearing up. It is the political equivalent of a life-jacket in the sinking ship of the Coalition designed solely to rescue the main participants and gain re-election. With less than two years before the General Election in 2015 it has never been more important to rebut the charge that the current economic troubles are all Labour’s fault.

The Coalition claim they inherited a mess with Britain on the verge of becoming like Greece with a large deficit and large debts. That’s fair enough if it was true, but it wasn’t. There was zero, or very little, threat of Britain becoming like Greece. Moreover, in 2010 our economy was in greater shape than the Coalition accepts. It was on the long road to recovery, growth was up and the deficit was down. Now, after 3 years of Coalition, growth is down and the deficit is up. The Coalition did not inherit a mess of a deficit reduction plan, but they created one by going too far and too fast.

 Using a multitude of charts, Tories argue that Labour spent too much in the good times leading to debts that needed to be paid in the troublesome times. This conveniently forgets that Labour had more years of budget surplus that the Thatcher/Major years that preceded it. But the budget deficit was manageable before 2008, even the Tories believed so aiming to match Labour’s spending plans pound for pound. Labour can’t claim that every pound was spent efficiently and effectively, but it was sustainable providing that it was matched with sustainable growth. The raising of the educational standards of our youngest and increasing the health of our oldest in society did not cause the budget deficit that the Coalition claims to be dealing with. The budget deficit was not caused by investing in public services, but by the global financial crisis of 2008 requiring action resulting in larger deficits from all governments across the world.

 Without the necessary decision by Labour in 2008 to increase the budget deficit in order to stimulate demand and prevent the economy from totally stopping, the outcome could have been much worse. Unemployment would have been higher, more businesses would have collapsed, more homes would have been repossessed, wages would have fallen even further and living standards would have plummeted. The VAT cut, the scrappage scheme and the bailout of RBS and Lloyds massively increased the budget debt, with the bailout costing £66 billion. But it was the right thing to do. And it was this that increased the budget deficit not spending on schools, police or hospitals which remained sustainable until the crisis hit.

 It is clear that the economic malaise experienced by the Coalition is not Labour’s fault, no matter how much they argue that it is. The cuts implemented by the Coalition is not to clear up Labour’s ‘mess’, it is motivated by an ideological belief especially for the Conservatives to minimise the state and a desire to emulate Thatcher’s zeal in doing so. Labour must continue to fight against those cuts that are ineffective, cruel and callous. To do so requires that we rebut the charge that it is all Labour’s fault, first, and then set out an alternative.

Ben Cooper

Beverley and Holderness Youth Officer


Tougher exams in Schools may improve Britain’s positioning in League Tables, but it will not help prepare students for their working lives.

Michael Gove has announced his latest proposed change to the education system, in an attempt to restore Britain to a leading figure in the world job market.

His new plan includes the scrapping of coursework, “cutting back on resits” and returning syllabuses to a more traditional, linear form.
To many, this is a step in the right direction, forcing Britain back into the world picture.

However, to a student who has just come through the educational system (I am currently sitting my Year 11 summer exams), it couldn’t be more worrying. It seems to me that Mr Gove is putting the centre-right dream of Britain being a leading figure in the world before the future of less-abled students.

Having seen the vast range of different intelligence levels in a mixed classroom, these proposals seem unfair, ill thought out and rushed, and Labour must take a strong stand against them. TO BE CONTINUED

By William Sheen