Closures and Redundancies Must be Fought

Activists in the East Riding are launching a new campaign ahead of the implementation of the government’s new spending formula for the area’s schools. Under the plans, which start in April, schools are likely to face closure or redundancies and many are likely to be forced into the red. The purpose of the campaign is to provide a campaign hub where people can share information and best practice in order to maximise the impact of their individual campaigns.  East Riding Council are currently consulting with schools but have already stated that Dunswell school is at risk of closure.

Speaking today, George McManus, The Labour Party’s Parliamentary Spokesman in Beverley and Holderness said, ‘We fear that up to a dozen schools in our constituency is at risk. There are 44 schools with less than 100 pupils and under the new regime many will feel threatened. Teachers, parents and the wider community now need to give a clear message that Tories at County Hall should stop apologising for Tories in Downing Street. It’s time they started to fight back and oppose these damaging proposals.’

He went on, ‘People who are thinking of starting a campaign should visit our website if they need advice on campaigning. Information will also be available on Facebook and Twitter. I hope that using these tools we can co-ordinate our campaigning to the utmost effect.’

Information is available on our website and our Facebook

Sad about setts!

So sad that all these erudite educated people should be worrying their minds so about setts.
I don’t remember a similar flow of letters or demonstrations about the cuts to the NHS which will affect many more people, or about the consequences of benefit cuts  on the really poor in our society.
There are families in Beverley who are pretty desperate now and will be even more desperate in April when the new cuts come in on Housing and Council Tax Benefits. These people are NOT scroungers as the media would have you believe (and as you might prefer to believe) Most are ordinary people who work hard for low pay, some have lost their jobs and some face losing their houses.
Where did we lose our compassion?

Last week’s street stall


In my opinion it was a Saturday morning well spent – doing our ‘second Saturday’ thing outside Wilco’s. It was slow to start, probably because of the cold. Nevertheless there was much interest in what we and our posters had to say.


Footfall increased suddenly at 11:00.  The usual hostility was noticeably less that at other recent events and people were almost queuing to get their name on our petition sheets. Two of those individuals admitted to being Tory voters!!


Abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board is blocked

Labour members of the House of Lords were congratulated today when they blocked a government proposal to abolish the AWB.

Beverley and Holderness Labour Party Spokesman George McManus welcomed the news saying,

‘This is good news. Many hundreds of poorly paid workers will welcome this even though the National Farmers Union will be disappointed.’

Guest Blog from Trevor Whatmore

I see refreshing new policies being put forward by the SNP in their bid for Scotish independence: A written constitution, a housing guarantee, free care for the elderly, free education (lower and higher) and so on.


Scotland will break away from the United Kingdom because of what their people see as our dated ideas of tradition and preserving the status quo being of utmost importance. Human endeavour is about moving forward and progress.


Radical thinking about what is best to improve the lot of the mass of working people is what is needed for our Labour Party to succeed. Only when those entitled to vote can see that there is something out there worth voting for will England and Wales start to move forward.

Beverley Cobbles Plan on National News

sat market

On Radio 4 earlier today and in the Daily Mail and The Times (£) is East Riding Council’s decision to remove Saturday Market’s cobbles, or setts.

I believe that East Riding Council should think again before removing the cobbles, and is out of touch with the people of the town.

In November the Beverley Labour Party issued 6000 leaflets saying the decision was a waste of money and we ran a street survey asking people what it should be spent on.  People told us that if it needed to come out of the highways budget, it should go on repairing potholes.  They also highlighted cutbacks in youth services and community centres.