Letters from Graham Stuart I

I hope this grows into a fully fledged series of posts.  I intend to post letters I receive from Graham Stuart MP and post the viewpoints of our councillors and members on what he says.

Recently I signed the Hacked Off petition about the Leveson inquiry, calling for much needed regulation of the media which David Cameron and his government are against.  This is in spite of Mr Cameron promising previously to implement the Leveson proposals as long as they weren’t ‘bonkers’.  It automatically sent an email to Mr Stuart, and after the link you can see the response I got.

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Proposed Abolition of Agricultural Wages Board

Government condemned for attack on Agricultural Wages Board


Campaigners have reacted angrily to the proposed abolition of the body which protects the wages of low paid agricultural workers.


In a surprise move on Wednesday night, in a last minute amendment to the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill, the government announced its plans to abolish the body that sets the wages for farm workers.


Speaking today, George McManus, Parliamentary Spokesman for the Beverley and Holderness Labour Party said, ‘What a Christmas present for low paid workers.

“The government should be ashamed not only by the content of the proposal but by the manner in which it was announced. Sneaking this amendment into the Bill via the House of Lords only hours before Parliament rose for Christmas indicates the contempt in which the posh boys in this government hold ordinary farm workers.”

He went on, “Thousands of low paid workers in East Yorkshire will now live in fear of a collapse in their income. The government has admitted that this move will take millions of pounds out of the pockets of poor workers. Once again the government is robbing the poor and giving the money to the rich. We need to oppose this disgraceful move at all costs.”

Living Wage Update

Living Wage campaigners in East Yorkshire have welcomed a government announcement in support of the Living Wage.

Low paid workers at the Department for Work and Pensions will see their minimum wage rise in April 2014. The Ministry of Justice may soon follow suit.

Speaking today, George McManus, Parliamentary Spokesman for Beverley and Holderness Labour Party said, ‘This is great news and reflects public support which we recently saw on our street stall in Beverley. ‘

He went on, ‘Last Saturday a hundred shoppers signed our petition calling on East Riding Council to adopt the living wage. The Labour Party believes in the dignity of work. The Living Wage makes good sense for workers, business, the taxpayer and the economy. ERYC should now follow this national lead.’

Guest Blog by Nev Holgate

I was informed on Wednesday evening of East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s decision to put on the open market, along with other premises, the Samman Road Centre. This purpose built Community Centre was built on the site of a former Church/chapel which serviced no one in the mid seventies.

Nobody used it much so it was demolished and the Samman Road Community Centre was built on the church footprint. I believe it was only three years ago that ERYC in their infinite wisdom decided to chuck the user groups out and use the centre as office space with all sorts of promises that the Churches Together would be allowed to take on part of the site ie a  garage and refurbish it into some kind of community usage.

Would you believe the Churches Together never did a thing whilst the user groups, many of them pensioners and disabled groups, were spread like butter all over the place. Tories Pearson, Elvidge,  Harrold and Peacock buried their heads in the ground.

So here we are only three years down the road and the council want to put it on the open market according to Coun Astell. The afore mentioned Tories are once again saying the know nothing about it, I am saying this is an act of gross community criminality. The Samman Road Centre must be returned to the Community and to this end I have, at last nights meeting of the Cherry Tree Centre Management Committee, asked them that they express an interest in the Samman Road Centre soonest as these things tend to move fast.

I personally would like to start a campaign with the Labour Town Councillors for the area petitioning every household in the area to demand the return of this centre back into the community, a public meeting would not go amiss as well.

Successful Street Stall



Thanks to everyone who came and made our street stall the success it was!  Hundreds signed the Living Wage petition, please comment to have your name added.  Our poll closed with 13 votes all in favour of the Living Wage.

At our stall we also heard the public’s views on George Osbourne’s Autumn Statement, which many were very angry about (and quite rightly so).